dinsdag 4 november 2014

Fate Reforged spoilers!

So it looks like Wizards of the Coast also realized that Wedge were to cool to be just a one-set thing! This new card spoiled at last weekend's Penny Arcade eXpo in Australia shows that the clans are going hybrid in the next set, Fate Reforged. At the same time it was revealed that the set will have no three-color cards. So why hybrid? At this time we can only speculate, since we only have a handful of remarks and two cards to go on, but speculation is fun, so here I go...

Fate Reforged is supposed to link the sets Khans of Tarkir and Dragons of Tarkir, and thus needs to play well with both. This hybrid card obviously plays well with the three-color cards in Khans. It has all three colors itself, after all. But since hybrid costs can be paid by one color or the other, this card not only works in the three-color decks that Khans wants you to play, it also goes into two color decks. Which makes it seem very likely in my eyes that in Dragons of Tarkir the various clans will have been altered from representing three colors to just two. Since [[name]] is always green, but can be buddies with red or blue (or both), I'm guessing Temur will end up either in GR or GU colors. Which one of those two I'm not quite sure, but I'm betting RG. That would mean that the color pairs will all be allied-color. This is the most strikingly different from Khans of Tarkir or the two options, and would showcase how the world has changed.

This would of course still mean we don't get a full wedge-block, but maybe it will be enough to see the theme in two sets? It would be a nice water-testing for the oncoming two-block paradigm.

PS: For those wondering, the cat article has been slightly delayed, look for it on caturday!

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