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Awesome comic scenes: Lucifer

To properly set up this scene, I'd have to scan the entire comic really. No, even worse, I'd have to scan all volumes of Lucifer leading up to this. Obviously that would be a bit... copyright infringingly. So I'll just try my best to explain it.

Lucifer is about the devil (duh), who has given up on ruling hell. What he really wants is to leave God's domain, to be his own man. He's fought this Chtullu-like thing in the first volume, and is rewarded for it with a portal that exits creation. It's located in his base of operations, but has a strange effect on psychics and other gifted people. They feel that there is something there. They begin to flock to his house, camping outside. And then two actually climb in.
Like any good place of magic, Lucifer's castle turns out to be bigger on the inside. The two people wander around for ages, growing hungry and tired, and losing track of time. Their scenes are interspersed with scenes of Lucifer himself. For him, barely any time seems to pass. The two start starving. They pray for a way out, but they don't find it. The girl dies first. Then, at the very end of the issue, the boy stumbles into Lucifer himself.


I love this scene because of its place in the story. For three volumes Lucifer has taken on a host of villains. Some were plainly evil, Chtullu-like monsters or demons. Others just had enormous grudges against Lucifer, and were assholish as all hell about it. Even the angels that turn up at one point: no tact, no style, just petty revenge fantasies. Lucifer himself meanwhile, is suave and snarky throughout. This is what he looks like on the cover of volume 3.

Seems like a nice chap. He's the main character. He's cool. Sure, he's egotistical, always looking out for himself, but he's not that bad is he? Compared to those monsters and assholes he's up against, he looks like a great guy!

But then we get the scene with the two dying kids.

They didn't know what they were getting into. Yes, technically they were trespassing, but Lucifer knew about the attraction his portal had on certain people. He knew they were there, but he didn't lift a finger to help them. Because they prayed to God? They couldn't possibly know the owner of the castle hated God so much!

Lucifer is horrible. Absolutely self-absorbed, petty, and just flat out evil.

And I should've know that.


But that's just the point. He's the devil. He's the seducer. He's suave and charming and fun. He tricks you. And like character does, so the comic does. The series presents its main character as a good, likable guy, only to draw the curtains open in the most gut wrenching way possible.

And I fell for it, hook, line and sinker. Seduced by the devil.

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