zaterdag 3 januari 2015

Announcing: Multiverse in Review

Have I made any New Years resolutions? Well, I've just embarked on quite a big project, so just the one: keep working on Multiverse in Review! What is that you ask? Well, if you're into Magic the Gathering, especially if you're into the storyline, it is a sister blog to Be Nerd that you really should check out! On it I will attempt to review every single story in the MTG canon. Each entry will get a summary and review, and I'll figure out how everything in this huge, sometimes chaotic, franchise fits together. As a nerd and historian I am a huge fan of projects like this, from Fnord12's attempt to put all Marvel comics in the correct order to the TMNT chronology or the Doctor Who chronology. For the longest time I've wanted to start a project like it myself, and since I've recently completed my collection of Magic novels (well, some are still in transit, but once they have been delivered...), this seemed like a golden opportunity.

This will mean that from now on a weekly update on MiR is my main priority, and Be Nerd will get updates more sporadically. My apologies to the non-Magic fans out there. Luckily I hadn't build much of a reader base for this private project yet! Still, I won't abandon this blog altogether. Sometimes I still need to vent my opinions on a comic or movie, and then there'll always be this blog.

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